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Hello and welcome back everyone to Your Weekly Dose! Halloween is right around the corner, and if you're anything like me, you are currently scrambling for a costume for EVERRRYONE. 

BUT we can't forget about our furry loved ones! Today, we are going to list some of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for your pets!

1. Beanie Babies!

This is probably my favorite costume DIY. Not only is it super cute, but it's not too complicated and doesn't use too many supplies. What you will need is: poster board, red paint, white paint, paint brushes, scissors, and something to clip it onto your pets collar. 

Step One: Cut out a heart shape on the poster board that you think will best match the size of your pet,

Step Two: Paint the ICONIC TY on the heart tag with your red and white paint and let dry.

Step Three: Hook the heart tag to the front of your pets collar and VIOLA you are done! 

Bonus Step: If you are feeling really creative, you can fold the poster board in  half and cut a heart along an edge to create a folding tag and give your sweet baby their very own bio on the inside!

2. Spooky Ghost!

Materials needed: a white sheet large enough to cover your animals and scissors. Optional: something to measure with

Step One: cut holes in the center of the sheet for your pets eyes, nose, and if needed, ears (May need to measure distance between eyes)

Step Two: Cut sheet to size of your pet if needed (we don't want them tripping over the sheet when trick-or-treating. AAAND done! Now you have a SPOOOOKY GHOST!

3. Creepy Crawly Critters!

Materials: Large pipe cleaners and scissors. Optional: Something to hold together the legs/tie them to harness or collar

Recommendation: Giant Chenille Pipe Cleaner by Creatology™

Step One: Cut the pipe cleaners into 8 even-ish pieces

Step Two: Bend them into the shape of spider legs 

Step Three: Wrap or tie them to your pets collar or harness! And THERE YOU HAAVE IT the CUUUUTEST spider I have EVER seent!

3. Fresh Flowers for Fall!

Materials: wide ribbon that is long enough to wrap around your pet's neck, scissors, felt in your choice of color, velcro fasteners, and fabric glue, 

Step One: Wrap the ribbon around your pets neck and cut to size, being sure to leave some wiggle room to attach the velcro fasteners. 

Step two: Cut velcro fasteners to size and attach to ends of the ribbon using glue (peel and stick options available too)

Step three: Cut out petals from the felt pieces that you think best match the size of your pet.

Step four: Glue the base ends of the petals in to the collar, making sure to overlap some of the petals and let dry. 

Once its dry just wrap around your pet like a collar and fasten and now you have THE FRESHEST FLOWER in the whooooole world. 

5. Martini Glass (for all those pets who are stuck in a cone this spooky season)

Materials: Green floral foam spheres, red paper, scissors, hardwood craft sticks/dowels, and tape. 

Step One: Cut out circles from the red paper

Step Two: Glue circles to foam spheres

Step Three: Stick a couple spheres onto the wooden towels

Step Four: Tape along the back side of your pets cone in a place they can safely balance


Let us know what you're dressing up your pets as this Halloween!

Thanks everyone for tuning in to Your Weekly Dose. We will FARMacy you next time!